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Are you thinking about forming an LLC? Do you want to know how much it will cost?  This simple guide breaks down the registration fees and maintenance costs for forming an LLC in each state.

See our table below for a quick overview of LLC formation costs for each state. With a glance, you can determine the cost of forming and maintaining an LLC company in your state.


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Do you own your own business? Are you considering setting up an LLC? Well, you’ll need to know how much does it cost to form an LLC. The cost of registering an LLC varies from state to state but the main consideration will be the state filing fee.

The state filing fee varies greatly between states but will lie in the range of $40 to $500. For example, you can register your LLC in the state of Kentucky for just $40. While registering your company in Massachusetts will cost you $500.

The degree of variance is significant. We’ve put together a table that details the cost of setting up an LLC in all 50 states – see below. This way you can easily see how much LLC cost for each state.


We recommend that you form your LLC in the state you intend to do business. Not, the state that has the lowest fees.

Forming your LLC in a state other than the state you plan to do business can lead to additional costs and regulation headaches down the road. To avoid this hassle you should always form your LLC in the state you plan on doing business.


The cost of forming an LLC varies from state to state. But the main fee involved in every state is the State Filing Fee. This fee is paid to have your company articles of organization filed with the Secretary of State.

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This fee can be as little as $40 or as high as $500 depending on the state – see table below. In addition to the state filing fee, several other costs may apply depending on the state you choose to register your LLC.

The additional costs include business licensing permit fees, publication fees, fictitious name fees, and name reservation fees. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.


The state filing fee is the main fee you will encounter when registering an LLC with your state authority. This is the fee you must pay when you submit your company articles of authorization with the Secretary of State.

This is a mandatory procedure in all states in the US. When you form an LLC you will have to complete paperwork called Articles of Organisation. This captures all the details the state requires when putting your new LLC on to create a new company and place the records on file.

The state filing fee varies greatly between states and can be anything between $40 and $500. See the table below for the cost of the state filing fee in each state.


A business license is a document issued by your local or state authority. It grants you permission to operate your business within that region.

There are different types of business licenses and the type you require will depend on the type of business you run and the area in which you are doing business.

Examples include a seller’s license and a local business operating license. A seller’s license permits you to sell your product in that area. A local business operating license grants you permission to conduct business in your region.  For more information check out – LLC Business License Requirements.


If your business is regulated by a federal agency you will need to apply for a federal license. Examples of industries covered that require a federal business license include Agriculture,
Broadcasting, Commercial Fisheries, Mining & Drilling, and Transport & Logistics.

The cost of a business license varies depending on the category your business operation falls into and the state in which you are applying for the license. But, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $400 for most licenses.


Some states require that you publicly announce the formation of your LLC in a local newspaper. This is a requirement in the states of New York, Arizona, and Nebraska. The publication fee will vary between these states and is dictated by your local newspaper.

For example, in New York, all limited liability companies must publish a notice of formation in two local newspapers. This requirement applies to LLCs, LPs, LLPs, and PLLCs. And, the publication must be made for six consecutive weeks within 120 days of the formation of the company.

Once the publication is complete, you will need to get an Affidavit of Publication and submit it to the New York Corporations authority.


Fictitious names are not a requirement for LLCs but you may want to establish one so you can create a brand and operate your company under an assumed name. If you choose to operate under a fictitious name you will have to have it filed with your local authority and this will incur a fee.

A fictitious name is often referred to as a DBA – “Doing Business As”. Filing a fictitious name allows the state authority to put a name on your newly formed LLC and match it to your name – the company’s owner.  It provides clear traceability.

This is information becomes public record and allows people to understand who they are doing business with. The cost of a fictitious fee varies from one state to the next. See our table below for a state-by-state breakdown.


If you are registering your LLC in Alabama you will have to pay a name registration fee. It’s a small fee and ranges from $10-$28. The name registration fee is optional in all other states so you can choose to avoid it you prefer.


Once you have your LLC registered and all your formation costs taken care of – you need to take a look at the costs of maintaining your LLC registration. The maintenance costs for an LLC vary from one state to another in the same way as the formation costs.

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However, the two most common maintenance costs you will encounter are Annual Report Fees and Franchise Tax.


Most states require LLC companies to file an annual or biennial report. Annual reports are submitted every year and biennial reports must be filed every two years. The report captures an up-to-date snapshot of the important information the authorities need to know about your business.

An annual report for an LLC captures vital company details such as the name and address of company owners, the principal business address, your registered agent, and a list of authorized signatories. The cost associated with filing an annual report varies from state to state – see the table below.


Some states levy a yearly tax on LLCs called a franchise tax. This is usually a flat tax, but can also vary according to your LLC’s annual earnings in certain states.  It is a tax your company pays for doing business in that state.

Paying a franchise tax gives your company the right to be chartered and operate in the state. Some companies are exempt from paying franchise tax. These include nonprofit organizations and limited liability corporations.


Business licenses are issued for a fixed period and need to be renewed when they expire. Therefore they are a recurring cost. Most licenses are valid for between 1 and 3 years. To find out what licensing requirement you need to meet you should contact your local authority.


Do you need help forming your LLC?  You can engage the services of a professional LLC formation service to get your LLC registered.  For a small fee, these companies ensure your LLC is formed quickly.

An LLC formation service company can help you get your LLC up and running quickly and give you the peace of mind that everything has been professionally taken care of.  Check out our independent reviews of the BEST LLC FORMATION COMPANIES – click here.


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Alabama $200+ Annual License Required
Alaska $250 $200 Bienniall Fee
Arizona $50 + Publishing Requirement No Maintenance Fees
Arkansas $50 $150 Annual Franchise Tax
California $70 $20 Biennial Fee + Annual Franchise Tax
Colorado $50 $10 Annual Report
Connecticut $120 $20 Annual Report
Delaware $90 $300 Annual Business Tax
District of Columbia $220 $300 Biennial Report
Florida $125 $138.75 Annual Report
Georgia $100 $50 Annual Registration
Hawaii $50 $15 Annual Report
Idaho $100 No Maintenance Fees
Illinois $150 $75 Annual Report
Indiana $95 $50 Biennial Report
Iowa $50 $60 Biennial Report
Kansas $160 $55 Annual Report
Kentucky $40 $15 Annual Report + Annual Tax
Louisiana $100 $30 Annual Report
Maine $175 $85 Annual Report
Maryland $100 $300 Annual Report
Massachusetts $500 $500 Annual Report
Michigan $50 $25 Annual Statement
Minnesota $155 Annual Renewal Required
Mississippi $50 No Maintenance Fees
Missouri $50 No Maintenance Fees
Montana $70 $20 Annual Report
Nebraska $100 + Publishing Requirement $10 Biennial Report
Nevada $75 $150 Annual Report + $200 License Fee
New Hampshire $100 $100 Annual Report + Enterprise Tax
New Jersey $125 $50 Annual Report
New Mexico $50 No Maintenance Fees
New York $200 + Publishing Requirement $9 Biennial + Annual LLC Fee
North Carolina $125 $200 Annual Report
North Dakota $135 $50 Annual Report
Ohio $99 No Maintenance Fees
Oklahoma $100 $25 Annual Certificate
Oregon $100 $100 Annual Renewal Fee
Pennsylvania $125 + Publishing Requirement $70 Every 10 Years
Rhode Island $150 $50 Annual Report
South Carolina $110 No Maintenance Fees
South Dakota $150 $50 Annual Report
Tennessee $300 Minimum $300 Annual Report + Franchise Tax
Texas $300 Annual Tax (Variable)
Utah $70 $20 Annual Renewal
Vermont $125 $35 Annual Report
Virginia $100 $50 Annual Registration
Washington $180 – $200 $60 Annual Report
West Virginia $100 $25 Annual Report
Wisconsin $130 – $170 $25 Annual Report
Wyoming $100 – $102 $50 or 0.02% Value of Assets



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Forming an LLC is easy – if you know what you’re doing. If you are new to the process you can hire a company to help you get your LLC set up. Or, you can follow our 10 step guide to set it up yourself. For more information check out our simple DIY guide to forming an LLC – How to Start an LLC Business.


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How Much Does an LLC Cost in California?

It costs $70 to register your LLC in the state of California. You will then have to pay a biennial fee of $20 to file an up-to-date report with the Californian Secretary of State. There is also an annual tax of $800 that is applied to all LLCs that do business in the state. And, if your LLC earns over $250,000 per annum the tax is higher.

How Much Does an LLC Cost in Texas?

It costs $300 to file your Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State. You will have to file an annual report. There is no charge for filing the annual report unless it is submitted late. In this case, you will have to pay $50. Texas applies a franchise tax to all LLCs. The amount of tax varies depending on the size of the company.

Do You Have to Pay an Annual Fee for an LLC?

Yes, in most states you have to pay an annual fee to maintain your LLC with the state authority.  While the fees vary from one state to the next, in general, you will have to pay an annual report fee and franchise tax.  See the table above for details of annual fees for each state.

What Is an LLC Company?

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a business structure in the U.S. that offers protection to its owners from the debts of the company.  This means the personal assets of the owners are protected in most cases from any debts incurred by the company.  For more information see our full guide to WHAT IS A LLC COMPANY – click here.



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