Best High Security Laser Checks Reviews 2024

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We review the Best High Security Checks of 2024. Are you looking for the best high security check paper for your business? You’re in the right place. This article provides unbiased, independent reviews of the top high security business checks on the market today.  And, our Buyer’s Guide will help you find the product that best meets your needs.

High Security Check Paper Independent Reviews

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We are an independent website. Our opinions are our own. We aim to provide the information you need to choose the best product for you. We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link. However, this does not affect the price you pay and it helps us maintain the site.

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High Security Check Paper Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking of placing an order for some high security business checks? Want to know how to get the best high security check paper for your business and your specific needs? Check out our high security laser check Buyer’s Guide below. We cover everything you need to consider when placing an order for online business check printing. By matching the points below against your unique requirements you can be sure you’re getting the best high security checks for your needs.

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Security Features

The most important characteristic of a high security check is the security it provides. When purchasing high security check paper for in-house check printing you need to choose a product that keeps your finances safe and provides effective protection from check fraud.

The best high security laser checks include a wide range of security features that make check alteration and counterfeiting extremely difficult. Choose a product that provides a comprehensive blend of the most effective protection features such as complex foil holograms, security ink, true watermarks, and micro printing.

• Foil Holograms

The best high security checks contain complex foil holograms that are incredibly difficult to replicate. They are embedded with security features that cannot be copied using scanners or printers. These three-dimensional images are placed on the check paper using Advanced laser technology.

• Security Ink

Security ink is a special type of ink used on high security laser check paper that is incredibly difficult to alter, remove, or copy. It changes color when exposed to heat and it uses toner adhesion to securely bind it to the laser check paper.

• Watermarks

Watermarks are images or text that are embedded into the fabric of the high security check paper. They can only be viewed when they are held up to a light source. The best high security checks use true watermarks that effectively deter check fraud and counterfeiting.


Microprinting involves adding text and images to the check that are so small, they can only be viewed using a magnifying glass. And, these features cannot be copied and replicated using regular scanners and printers. The characters can only be produced using specialized printing equipment.

For more, check out our full guide to the Security Features of a High Security Check.

Software Compatibility

What software do you use to print checks? Are you already using an accounting software package in your office? Before placing an order for high security business checks – check the software packages they are compatible with.

The best online high security check paper suppliers offer a range of checks that are compatible with a wide range of software packages. Some even tailor your checks to make them compatible with whatever software you are currently using.


Pricing is key when it comes to placing any order. And, it’s no different when shopping online for the best high security check paper products for your business. When it comes to buying high security laser checks online, pricing varies greatly depending on the specific check, the level of security features, the volume of checks ordered, and the delivery service you choose.

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Bear in mind, the cheapest package is rarely the best option. Look at the product and security features on offer and try and strike a balance between value for money and the quality of the product on offer. After all, you want a check that deters fraud and protects your finances.

Shipping Times

You should also consider the shipping times on offer. Do you need the checks quickly? Or, can you wait a few days for delivery? Many of the best online high security check suppliers offer a range of delivery options including 2-3 day ground delivery and next-day air delivery.

The latter is the most expensive. If you need your high security check paper look out for a supplier that offers next-day delivery. But, be prepared to pay a premium delivery rate. If you can anticipate when you need checks and order ahead of schedule you can save yourself some money.

Ease of Ordering

How easy is it to place an order on the supplier’s website? Do they have an easy-to-use interface? Can you easily browse their high security check and find what you are looking for? Ease of ordering is an aspect that is often overlooked. And, finding a supplier that offers an easy-to-use website will save you time and hassle.

Our reviews of the best high security check paper suppliers assess how easy or difficult it is to navigate their website and place an order. High security laser checks tend to be a repeat order for most businesses and individuals. Therefore, it’s important to choose a supplier that offers a simple and easy-to-use online ordering process.

Customization Options

Do you want to be able to customize your checks? Many businesses and individuals want some level of creative control over the appearance of the check. This includes being able to apply a theme and preferred color palette to the check appearance. The best high security check paper suppliers also allow you to add company logos, branding, and personalized messages to the check. This helps reinforce your brand and strengthen your public image.

Money Back Guarantee

Does the supplier offer a money-back guarantee if they include an error on the high security check paper? Mistakes happen. And, a bank check that contains incorrect information is worthless. What happens if the online supplier sends you faulty high security check paper? Do they offer a money-back guarantee if the checks supplied contain an error?

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Check their return policy before placing an order. Errors you should look out for are typos in bank account numbers, business names, addresses, and routing numbers. The best high security business check online suppliers offer money-back guarantees.

Range of Checks Available

The best high security laser check vendors offer a wide range of checks for you to choose from. There will be a variety of options in both the personal and business check categories. This offers you more freedom when it comes to choosing the check you need.

It also allows you to find a check that closely fits your specific needs. Our advice is to choose an online check printing service that offers variety and a wide range of check types to choose from.  This way to tick all the boxes.

What Is a High Security Check?

A high security check is a special type of bank check that contains specially designed security features to protect against check fraud. They contain multiple layers of protection and advanced security characteristics that make it extremely difficult to alter or duplicate the check. Using high security checks greatly reduces your chances of falling victim to check fraud. For more, check out What Is a High Security Check?

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Pros & Cons of a High Security Check

What are the pros and cons of a high security bank check? Using high security checks comes with some unique advantages and drawbacks. The key pros are the additional security and protection from check fraud, a stronger public image, and protection against reputational damage.

Their key disadvantages are their limited availability, longer processing times, and additional cost. To determine if they are right for you or your business – you must weigh up all the pros against the cons.  For more, check out The Pros & Cons of a High Security Check.

The Reviews

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Our top choice for the best high security business checks in 2024 is the Carousel Check business and personal check range.  Carousel have been offering online check printing since 2003. Although they don’t have the same number of years in the industry as some of their leading competitors, they still boast a wealth of experience. They offer a wide selection of personal and business checks – including high security business checks.

Carousel Checks provide some of the most secure and easily customizable high security check paper products out there today. Is Carousel Checks safe? What about carousel Checks Complaints? We cover all you need to know in our Carousel Checks reviews below.  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

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Carousel Checks business check range includes an array of high security features to protect against check fraud. These features include heat-sensitive ink, invisible fluorescent fibers, chemically sensitive paper, micro printing, V-DOT technology, coin-reactive ink, and the famous tamper-resistant padlock icon. However, you’ll need to opt for the EZShield add-on for the highest level of security.


Their high security check paper allows a limited degree of customization. In addition to being able to add your bank account information, you can add a company logo, choose a font style, and add a personal message to the check paper. The website allows you to view on-screen how the check will look before placing an order.


Pricing varies greatly depending on the package you choose and the volume of checks ordered. However, in the high security business check category you can expect to pay approximately $0.40 per check, plus delivery. Delivery starts at approx $20 for 250 checks and goes right up to $90 for next-day delivery.

Software Compatibility

Carousel Checks are compatible with a wide range of accounting and check printing software programs such as Microsoft Money, Quickbooks, and Quicken. They even offer a service of formatting checks so that they are compatible with whatever software you are currently using. Their checks can be printed on either laser or inkjet printers.

Placing an Order

Placing an order is easy. And, to compete against the other check printing businesses on this list – it has to be. The site is easily navigated. Business checks and personal checks are grouped together at the top of the home page. And, laser checks, manual checks, and pressure seal checks are neatly organized and easily navigated within the business check tab.

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Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are not included in the upfront price. The costs vary greatly depending on the volume of checks ordered and whether you choose ground, trackable, 2-day air, or next-day air delivery. For example, 1,000 checks delivered to a California residential address $25 via ground delivery and $155 for next-day air delivery.

Customization Options

While Carousel Checks offer a range of customization options for their high security check paper, they are outperformed in this department by some of the top competitors. If you need more creative freedom in designing the template and color palette of your check, you may need to look elsewhere.

Industry Experience

Carousel Checks was formed in 2003 – giving them 20+ years of industry experience. While this is pretty impressive it is substantially less than some of the best high security check paper providers on this list.


Carousel Checks are one of the best high security check paper providers in 2024. They have over 20 years of industry experience and produce some of the most secure – high security checks available online. Their website is easy to navigate and placing an order is a walk in the park. Their checks come with an impressive spectrum of security features but you’ll have to upgrade to their EZShield add-on to get the highest level of protection. Customization options are available and their checks are compatible with most office accounting and printing software packages.

Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited have been supplying high security business checks since 1986. They are one of the most respected direct check printers in the US and have served 30 million customers over the years. They are a CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association) compliant organization and they offer some of the most affordable CPSA high security check paper products on the market today.  See our Checks Unlimited reviews below.


Check Security

Checks Unlimited takes check security very seriously. Their high security business checks boost a wide range of safety features including foil hologram, true watermark, toner adhesion, heat-sensitive ink, micro printing, and chemical-sensitive paper. However, many of these security features are only available in their Securiguard range – which involves an additional fee.


Customization options are available but are more restricted than some of their competitors. Checks Unlimited allow you to select a preferred check theme, check color, personalized message, and custom font.

Easy Ordering

The Checks Unlimited website is easy to use. And, placing an order is a breeze. All you have to do is select the type of check you want – business or personal. Then, choose your check type. In the high security laser check category you can choose between Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, and a range of other software-compatible business check layouts.

Software Compliant

Checks Unlimited support a wide range of accounting software and check printing programs including MAS 90, Checkmark, Great Plains, Intuit, Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Corp, MS Money, MECA, MicroEdge, Peachtree, and Simply Media.

Customer Support

Checks Unlimited offer a responsive, easy-to-reach customer support desk. No hanging around.  The team can be contacted by email or telephone. Phone support is available on weekdays from 06:00hrs to 21:00hrs MT and on Saturdays from 07:00hrs to 15:30hrs MT.



Checks Unlimited is CPSA compliant. And, that means they come at a slightly higher price than many of their competitors that don’t carry CPSA approval. Prices vary depending on the option and package you choose. But, you can expect to pay approximately $0.25 per check.

Website Appearance

While the website functions well and is easy to use – it lacks the slick design and layout of some of its competitors. It could do with a redesign and a more modern feel.


Checks Unlimited have been in the check printing game since 1986. They have decades of experience and offer CPSA-compliant checks. If you’re looking for high security check paper from an experienced online provider, Checks Unlimited could be the one for you. They offer a wide range of customizable high security business checks. Placing an order is easy and their checks are compatible with a wide range of the most popular office accounting software.

Costco High Security Laser Checks

Next up, the Costco range of high security laser checks. Costco is a membership warehouse club that delivers highly competitive prices to its members across a wide range of products. And, it offers excellent value for money in its high security business checks range. If you’re looking for laser checks that provide the highest level of security at a competitive price, this could be a great option for you.


• Excellent Security

Costco high security check paper uses 25 security features for the highest level of fraud and counterfeit protection. The security features used in these checks include holograms, visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, heat-sensitive ink, and complex watermarks.

Business & Personal Customers

Costco offers high security checks for both business and personal customers. This is great news for individuals that want to upgrade their financial security. Many competitors only offer high security checks to business customers.

Software Compatibility

Costco high security checks are compatible with a wide range of the most commonly used check printing software packages.  What about CostCo business checks for Quickbooks?  Yes, they’re Quickbooks compatible.  And, they also work with Microsoft Money, Quicken, Deskmate, REALedger, and Simply Money.

Easy to Order

The Costco website is easy to use and placing an order is a breeze. The user interface runs very smoothly. The different laser check options are clearly laid out and selecting your preferred package is super easy.

Free Delivery

Free delivery is available – always a bonus when placing orders at Costco. Many competitors charge for delivery of high security check paper.

Harland Clarke Partnership

Costco has partnered with Harland Clarke check printing to provide their online high security checks service. Harland Clarke is a leading provider of integrated payment solutions and integrated marketing services.


Limited Customization Options

Costco high security checks lack many of the popular customization features offered by their competitors. For example, photo checks and logos are unavailable. There is an option to customize the check font and add a personal message above the check signature.

Bulk Orders

You’ll need to buy in bulk. If you want to place an order for Costco laser checks, you’ll need to place a bulk order. The smallest volume of checks you can order is 200 units (two boxes) – not great for personal accounts and people operating on a budget.

Membership Fee

You’ll have to sign up to become an executive member before you can benefit from the very best deals and prices. Executive members can save up to 20% off the regular retail prices on Costco business checks. However, you’ll have to pay a fee of $120 to become a member.


Costco high security check paper is an excellent option if you’re looking for high check security at an affordable price. Even better, they cater to both business and personal customers. Their checks contain 25 security features giving the highest possible level of protection from check fraud and counterfeiting. Their high security laser check paper range is compatible with most check printing software packages and can be printed on a regular laser printer. On the flip side, you’ll need to order in bulk and there are limited customization options.

The Best High Security Check Paper FAQ

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How Much Do High Security Checks Cost Online?

In general, ordering high security checks online is cheaper than ordering them from your bank. The specific price you will pay varies greatly depending on several factors including the supplier, the volume of checks ordered, the type of check, the level of security features present, and the delivery method you choose. In general, high security laser checks are more expensive than regular manual checks.

Is It Safe to Order High Security Business Checks Online?

Yes, it is safe to order high security business checks online – provided you choose a reputable supplier. When providing sensitive bank account information for your order, you must choose an online check printing company that practices the highest levels of online security and one that protects your data. For peace of mind, look out for a vendor that has been approved by the CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association).

What States Can You Order Online Business Checks From?

You can order online business checks from all 50 states across the US. No regions are excluded. However, delivery times and costs vary by state.

What Information Do You Need to Order Checks Online?

To order checks online you will need to provide your name or business name, your bank, account number, and routing number. The easiest way to gather these details is to grab one of your existing checks before placing an online order. All this information will be clearly printed on one of your existing checks. If you don’t have an existing checkbook – contact your bank to confirm your check details.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Order Checks Online?

The cheapest way to order checks online is to compare the best online check printing services against each other. Find a check package that works for you for a range of vendors and calculate the base cost per check. Don’t forget to include delivery costs and any additional add-on fees for security features. Then compare the costs for each provider against one another.


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