What Is High Security Hologram Check Paper?

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High security hologram check paper is a type of paper used to print laser checks that contain a hologram security feature. The hologram is created using laser technology and is extremely difficult to duplicate. It is an effective deterrent to check fraud and helps keep your finances safe. This article covers everything you need to know about – What is High Security Hologram Check Paper.

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How Do High Security Check Holograms Work?

A high security check hologram works in two ways. Firstly, it acts as a powerful deterrent against any attempt to duplicate the check. Check foil holograms are exceptionally difficult to copy. And, the presence of one on a check is a highly effective deterrent against check fraud.

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Secondly, high security check holograms can be checked and verified to determine if a check is legitimate or a fraudulent copy. They are used to alert the handler if a check is counterfeit. Holograms are designed to contain complex security features that can be reviewed to determine if the hologram is genuine or a copy.

In this way, high security business checks use complex foil holograms to protect against fraud and counterfeiting. They act as an effective deterrent to fraudsters and can also be used to check if a check is genuine or a fraudulent copy. More on this below.

Can High Security Check Holograms Be Copied or Duplicated?

High security hologram check paper is extremely difficult to copy or duplicate. They are created using advanced laser technology to create complex, three-dimensional images, that change color and scatter light in a highly specific manner. Check holograms are often designed to include additional security features that can only be verified using UV or laser light.

They are one of the most important and effective features of a high security laser check. Repruding a check hologram is highly challenging and requires advanced laser equipment and an in-depth understanding of holography. Only the most highly skilled fraudsters can copy or duplicate a high security check hologram. They are highly effective at deterring and detecting check fraud.


How Are High Security Check Holograms Verified?

High security holograms can be checked and verified to confirm the authenticity of the check. Hologram verification is a highly effective tool in protecting against check fraud. The check hologram is designed to include specific holographic security features that can be reviewed to ensure the check is genuine and not a copy or duplicate. Below we explain how business check holograms are reviewed and verified.

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Visual Inspection

First up is visual inspection. This step involves trained individuals closely assessing the hologram by eye. The hologram is checked for the presence of specific security features, such as unique patterns, intricate design details, three-dimensional images, and color-changing properties. The individual performing the check needs to be familiar with the characteristics of a genuine hologram for the check.

UV & Laser Light Inspection

A more advanced way of verifying a high security check hologram is to perform a test using either UV or laser light. Holograms can be designed to demonstrate certain properties when viewed under UV or laser light. The hologram can be engineered to reflect or diffract UV light or laser light in a very specific way. This feature is extremely difficult to recreate.

Handheld Authentication Device

Specialized handheld devices have been designed to examine and verify high security hologram check paper. These high-tech portable devices detect hidden features in the check and identify specific security markers within the hologram.

They are an excellent tool for detecting counterfeit holograms and alerting individuals receiving fraudulent checks. The devices operate like scanners and use polarization techniques to confirm the authenticity of a check.

Unique Identifiers

High security business check holograms are designed to include serial numbers. These numbers can be checked against a database or by contacting the check issuing authority. The authenticity of the check can be verified by comparing this unique identifier against the reference database. And, the same serial number cannot be used in two different checks.


Benefits of High Security Hologram Check Paper

What are the benefits of using high security hologram check paper? The greatest single benefit of using secure hologram checks is protection against fraud. Check fraud is a major crime in the US. And, the best way to protect yourself and your business from it is to use high security hologram business checks.

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High security hologram check paper is incredibly difficult to counterfeit. The best check holograms are designed to include security features that make duplication an arduous task that requires highly specialized and expensive equipment. Check fraudsters would much rather duplicate a regular check. Counterfeiting or altering regular checks is a much simpler and more rewarding job for criminals.

Check Fraud Protection

The most important benefit of using high security hologram check paper is protection against potential fraud. High security checks are very difficult to copy or alter. And, using them helps protect your finances from fraudsters.

Professional Image

They also boost your public image. By issuing high security hologram checks you will gain greater trust from your suppliers and employees. Individuals and organizations feel much more confident receiving a secure hologram check compared to a regular bank check.

Reputational Protection

By using high security hologram check paper you minimize the chances you will fall victim to check fraud. This helps protect you from all the re[putational damage that comes with having a criminal issue fraudulent checks using you or your company’s name. And, once this happens it can take years to regain trust.

How Are High Security Check Holograms Made?

How are holograms made? And, how are they added to high security business checks? High security check holograms are created using a technique known as holography. This involves using laser light to capture and reproduce a three-dimensional image that is then applied to the surface of the high security hologram check paper. Let’s take a look at the steps involved, see below.

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Splitting a Laser Beam

The process of creating a hologram begins by splitting a laser beam. A single laser beam is split into two separate beams, an object beam, and a reference beam. The object beam is directed at the image that is to be copied and the reference beam is directed to a recording medium.

Recording Reflected Interference

The reflected beam reflects light in response to how the object beam is scattered as it hits the object image. This interference is captured on a recording medium such as photosensitive film as it is struck by the reference beam.

Generating the Hologram

The recording medium is then exposed to a special chemical solution to expose the new hologram image. This creates a visible and permanent hologram that resembles the original object image. When the hologram is viewed under light the original 3-dimensional image can be seen by the naked eye.

What Other Features Are Found In High Security Checks?

What other security features are found in high security business checks? We’ve covered holograms, but what other features are used? There is a wide range of security features used in secure checks. And, most checks use a combination of multiple techniques to deliver a high level of security. In addition to holograms, other popular security features include security ink, watermarks, microprint, and void pantographs.

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Security Ink

Security ink is a special type of ink that is used on high security checks. It is designed to include characteristics that make it incredibly difficult to alter or remove. It is used to write the check signature and payment amount. Examples include thermochromic ink and toner adhesion.


Complex watermarks are also commonly used in high security checks. Watermarks are complex images or patterns that are embedded into the high security hologram check paper. They can only be viewed when the check is held up to the light and are difficult to reproduce.


Microprint involves adding very small patterns or text to the high security hologram check paper. The characters are so small they cannot be reproduced or scanned by regular printers or scanners. And, they can only be viewed using a magnifying glass.

Void Pantographs

A void pantograph is a special feature that is added to high security laser checks to deter duplication. On a genuine check, the pantograph appears as a solid line. However, if the check is scanned or copied it appears as the word void and alerts the recipient that the check is fraudulent.


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