What’s the Difference Between a High Security Check and a Regular Bank Check?

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Ever wondered, what’s the difference between a regular bank check and a high security laser check? The main differences are the security features contained within the check, the level of fraud protection, the cost of the check, and how they are used and verified. Below we cover everything you need to know about how a regular bank check compares to a high security check.

High Security Laser Check vs Regular Check

What are the key differences between a high security laser check and a regular bank check? There are quite a few. But most relate to the security features found in the check, how it’s used, the cost of the checks, and the level of fraud protection you get. Below we cover everything you need to know.

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1: Security Features

The biggest difference between a high security check and a regular check is the security features found in the check. And, as the name suggests, a high security laser check has more advanced security checks compared to a regular bank check. This is their unique selling point. It makes them much more difficult to alter and counterfeit – effectively deterring check fraud.

Regular checks come with a smaller collection of standard security features. These include watermarks, security screens, and customer signatures. High security laser checks come with additional premium security features such as microprinting, chemical reactive paper, holograms, invisible fluorescent fibers, and complex watermarks.  For more check out our full guide on High Security Check – Security Features.

2: Check Fraud Protection

Another difference between regular checks and high security checks is the level of fraud protection you get. And, with high security checks, you get a much greater level of fraud protection. All those additional security features mean fraudsters are much less likely to counterfeit or alter your checks.

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This protects your money and helps keep your finances safe. Check fraud is a major problem worldwide and many businesses choose to use high security laser checks to bolster their defenses. They provide peace of mind and allow businesses to focus on their operation without having to worry about the safety of their check operation.


3: Cost

Another difference between the two is the cost. High security check paper typically costs more than a standard bank check. However, the additional cost is often minimal. And, can be as little as a few additional cents per check.

High-security checks tend to be more expensive than regular bank checks thanks to the additional security features that have been included in the check design. However, this additional cost pays dividends in terms of check security and fraud prevention.

4: Public Image

There’s no doubt that using high security checks boosts your public image. High security checks build trust and are better respected in the financial world. If you’re managing a business and want to boost the company’s reputation, high security checks are a great choice.

These checks not only provide better fraud protection, they are better trusted compared to regular bank checks. By switching to high security checks, businesses demonstrate a commitment to protecting sensitive financial information and fostering a sense of professionalism among their clients and partners.

5: Convenience

Another key difference between a regular bank check and a high security laser check is the convenience of in-house printing. While regular check banks have to be ordered from your bank, high security laser checks can be printed in-house as and when you need them.

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There is no lag time involved. You do not have to wait for a new checkbook to be sent out by your bank. All you have to do is load up the high security check paper in your office laser printer and start printing the checks you need. They’re highly convenient.

6: Businesses vs Individuals

High-security checks are commonly used by businesses and large organizations. The additional security measures they include are attractive features when handling large sums of money. They are the check of choice for secure transactions involving substantial amounts of money.

On the other hand, regular checks are more commonly used by individuals. They work well for everyday transactions and are often favored by small businesses and low-value transactions. They are a popular choice for everyday financial activities

7: Verification Processes

Another difference between high security check vs regular bank check is the verification process. The verification process refers to the methods used by financial institutions and businesses to assess the validity of a check before accepting it as a form of payment. It involves checking various aspects of the check to ensure it is not fraudulent.

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And, high-security checks undergo additional verification processes compared to regular checks. They contain extra layers of security features and it takes time to verify all these measures are in order and the laser check is legit. Regular bank checks are not subjected to the same level of scrutiny and are verified more quickly.

8: Customization Options

If you run a business, the chances are you’ll want to use customized checks. Many businesses like to add their brand, logo, and slogans to their checks. And, high security checks provide more flexibility when it comes to customization options.

Laser checks are printed in-house using special software packages. And, these packages allow you to design the customize the layout of the check. Logos, colors, and text can be added and edited to cater to all creative needs. Regular bank checks tend to offer less customization options.

Are High Security Checks Worth It?

If you’re considering switching over to high security check paper, you have to ask yourself the question – is it worth it? They come at an additional cost. A high security check can cost as much as $1 more than a regular check. Does this additional cost offer a healthy return on investment?

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It all comes down to how much you value financial security. And, how much you’re willing to pay to protect it. High security checks offer much greater fraud protection compared to regular checks. And if you want to keep the fraudsters at bay, you should be using high security checks. Particularly if you are writing checks for large sums. For more, check out our full guide on Are High Security Checks Worth It?


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